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 The History of QueensTiara

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PostSubject: The History of QueensTiara   Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:30 am


QueensTiara is one of VCO's oldest guilds.

March 2007 two sisters (Elizabeth & Elizabella) created this wonderful guild.

It was stengthened by another guild KorBK merging with it and making it a prosperous guild.

QueensTiara took control of the City of Madiera and later created it's very own sister guild (Black_Watch).

Many battles later, most members moved to the Black_Watch guild which later took control of Madiera.

QueensTiara had become dorment, waiting for the right moment to rise again and become the strong guild it once was.

That time is NOW
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The History of QueensTiara
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