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 How To Make Treasure Maps

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PostSubject: How To Make Treasure Maps   Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:53 am

Treasures Hunting

Ways to get treasure map pieces

1. Kill land monsters such as goats and wolves – random drop

2. Board ships, kill captain – random drop (Too much work)

3. Explore places on high sea where it's flashing (Note: not findings, but there are not many of them)

4. Drifters, especially Wreckage Drifters have TONS (Recommended)

5. Buy from other players

Put together the pieces
Need: same type of pieces to put together
4 types: Old scroll, Parchment, Slate, Metal Board

Go to Barcelona treasure hunter NPC, he will put together these map pieces for you.

*6 pieces is required for lvl 1 map,
*12 or more pieces might give you lvl 2 map (low chance, recommend 15 pieces)
*24 or more might give you lvl 3 map,50 or more might give u lvl 4 map.
*At the most, you can put together 60 pieces。
*Higher the lvl of the treasure map, the more precious it is and costs more money to put together more pieces. 6 pieces: 54k, 12 pieces: 216k, 24 pieces: 864k, 50 pieces: 3750k, 60 pieces: 5400k

How to find the treasure after you made the map
It’s very easy, lvl 1 treasure maps will tell you where the treasure is located at. You can click on the map as many times as you want, and it will show a map with a yellow symbol in the middle that tells u where the treasure is.

If it's lvl 2 or higher map, and u cant tell where the treasure is, you can authenticate them at some NPCs.
You can also ask other players for help. But authenticate NPC’s accuracy is 100%.

Authenticate Treasure Map
Seville - Adatol (In Tavern)
Oslo - Phillhouse (-27.7, 98.8 )
Cathelin - Cape Town (In Tavern)

When you know where is the treasure is located at, you can start compare maps to find the treasure.
If not, you can always use the "explore" skill (land).
If it says something like yes it's here, keep looking, that means you got the right place.
If not, try another place.

When u start looking for treasures, compare maps, and go to suspicious spots, if you're close, it will tell you "something is strange in the [direction](west, east, north, south)" Take small steps. You should find treasure fairly quickly.
Other prompts:“Seems to be nothing here” = you’re at the wrong place.
“Right location, try again” = right place, too far away from the cross.

Look very closely at every little detail of the map, then Ctrl+M and check for those details...
Try different zoom levels to match anything, and keep trying.
If you fail to find any noticeable details, start in a corner, and work in 10 step increments...
Check each ten steps, moving in a grid pattern (don't check if there's anything that should appear on your treasure map like a path, dark patch, edge, etc...) And try not to crush your mouse!

If anyone has a map with a big red rectangle patch of rug, it's Athens church, no need to waste money on NPC authen.

* Explore skill uses 20 SP each time
* Some high lvl treasures are guarded by monsters and boss, you need to kill these monsters first. (When you start digging the treasure, they will pop up), but those treasures buried in cities are not guarded.
* Level of map does -not- equate level of treasure: just because you use a lvl3 map doesn’t mean you’ll get lvl3 treasure – you might get lvl2, or lvl1.

NPCs that authenticate treasure maps
Palma (Athens tavern)
Adatol (Seville tavern)
Phillhouse (Oslo -27.7, 98.8 )
Catelin (Cape Town tavern)
Butcher Li (Beijing restaurant)
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How To Make Treasure Maps
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