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 Full Planting Guide

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PostSubject: Full Planting Guide   Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:30 am

Full Planting Guide
-how to plant

-labor suits and planting

-crop prices(including lv11, 12 crops prices!)

-where to find seeds

-planting and alchemy

-planting and sewing

-Help!Planting is too boring for me

-lvling planting

Chapter 1
How to plant

What is planting?
Planting is action in VCO, which allows player to plant crops or textiles in planting district in city suburbs.

To plant-you must first have seeds, you can find seeds yourself our buy them from others(we'l talk about that later in Chapter 4)
Go buy a hoe at Blacksmith and go to planting district which can be found in almost every city suburbs-Beirut, Hamburg, Tripoli and Beijing are recommended places to plant.
To plant a seed, right click on seed(Character-Item collumn) while having your hoe equiped and while in area of planting distric in suburbs.You will notice a crop apearing on the ground-coungratulations, you have just planted your first seed!
You must wait 20 min before your seed becomes ready to be harvested, meanwhile you can plant other seeds(I would recommend planting 100-200 seeds per run).
Once 20 min passed, you may pick up your crops. If you don't pick up your crops, after some time, they can be stolen, or even disapear, so don't go afk!One other suggestion-NEVER plant 1h or less before server maintance!
When picking up, you'l get zero-two plants of every level, after lv 62, you'l sometimes get more than 2 plants pf lv1-3, at lv100, you'l sometimes get 2+ plants up to lv5(sisal)

But, unlike logging or mining, you can't plant eg. Lv10 crops with lv1 hoe, you can use lv1 hoe at lv1 planting, lv4 hoe at lv31 planting and lv7 hoe at planting lv61

Now, let's take a look at our planting skill, shall we?
There are three stunts there

Botany study-the most important planting stunt-the higher yout Botany Study level is, the higher lv crops you can plant
Lv1-botany study-you can plant lv1 crops
Lv2 botany study-lv2 crops etc.

Harvesting-Active skill-the higher the level of Harvesting stunt is, more plants you may harvest at once when you use that skill(can save time)

Planting Practice-Increases your load on character by 5 for every upgrade

You get stunt point every 4th lv, but you can upgrade one stunt every 6 levels-lv1, lv7, lv13, lv19, lv25, lv31, lv 37, lv43, lv49, lv54

You should upgrade your stunts at any pace you like, as long as you have lv10 Botany study when you reach lv61
At lv61, if you followed above advice, you'l be able to plant cotton, ramie, bloodthirsty flowers and bunch of other plants every high level alchemyst or tailor wants

-since I'm not in phase 3 with planting(or anything else), I don't know when you can upgrade your stunts to lv11 and lv12.

Chapter 2
Labor suits and planting.

If you're planter, then you'l want the better labor suit you can get.
Once you've reached lv32 in planting, buy yourself, or make yourself Intensified labor suit(100% SP reg.), this will allow you to plant longer.
Once you've reached lv62 in planting, buy yourself, or make yourself Expert labor suit(200% SP reg.), this will allow you to plant almost one whole round of 150 seeds(depends on your SP) without SP pot using.
Once you've reached lv92 in planting, buy yourself, or make yourself Master labor suit(300% SP reg.), this will allow you to plant whole round without SP pot using, and it will make your load very high.

Labor suits are not neccessity for planting, but they sure help alot

Chapter 3
Prices for plants

(average prices, but you may find some plants cost more or less than prices stated here)

Lv1 crops-50-200 silver coins
Lv2 crops-200-1000 silver coins
Lv3 crops-800-1200 silver coins
Lv4 crops-1000-1500 silver coins
LV5 crops-1500-2200 silver coins
LV6 crops-2000-3000 silver coins
LV7 crops-2500-3500 silver coins
Lv8 crops-3000-5500 silver coins
LV9 crops-4500-8000 silver coins
Lv10 crops-5500-10000 silver coins
Lv11 crops-7000-11000 silver coins
Lv12 crops-9000-15000 silver coins

Linen-50-200 silvers
Rabbit Hare(non plant)-arround 500 silvers
Jute-500-1500 silvers
Wool(non plant)-arround 1000 silvers
Sisal-2000-6000 silvers
Fine Wool(non plant)-around 1500 silvers
Cotton-3000-7000 silvers
Spun Gold(non plant)-high variable
Kendyr-4500-10000 silvers
Ramie-5000-12000 silvers
Musa-7000-15000 silvers

Prices depend on server you're playing on

Chapter 4
Where to find seeds?

You can find seeds everywhere, here are locations of seeds:
Jute-Alexandria, Athens, Lemnos, Thasos
Sisal-Lisbon, Madeira, Faial
Cotton-Faial, Madagascar
Kendyr-Madagascar, Jejudo, Taiwan
Ramie-Jejudo, Taiwan

Affine Cudweed-Beirut
Mystic Fruit-Istanbul
Catnip-Athens, Lemnos, Alexandria
Rosemarry-Sicily, Istanbul, Cyprus, Beirut,
Holy Fruit-Venice
Isatis Root-Tripoli
Thyme-Mallorca, Sicily, Venice, Cyprus, Istabul, Beirut
Jessamine-Genoa, Thasos, Lemnos
Notoginseng-Barcelona, Mallorca, Sardinia, Sicily
Recovery Leaf-Algiers, Cyprus
Bewtiching Weed-Las Palmas
Coffee-Santa Maria, Seville, Mallorca, Sardinia
Holy light leaves-Santa Maria, Sardinia
Ginseng-Santa Maria, Semerang
White Lotus-Reykyavik
Reishi-Madagascar, Taiwan, Jejudo
Bloodhthirsty Flower-Semerang
Geranium-Hurricane Island
Musa-Hurricane Island
Perilla frutescens-Hurricane Island

Chapter 5
Planting and Alchemy

You'l make a good choice doing alchemy with planting.
At first you'l be poor, but later on, you'l get richer and richer selling incitatias, high level heals, etc.

Or you could divide half crops you plant to alchemy, half to selling.Your alchemy will lvl up slower, but you won't be so poor.
I suggest you lvl alchemy with antidote and incitatias.

Chapter 6
Planting and sewing

Well, as tailor, you will be poor untill you start large scale uniform produce, maybe it's not the best for newbie to start as tailor.
When you lvl up a bit and earn nice chunk of money, you could start an alt-make him tailor and plant for it, your alt would make you all labour suits you need and earn nice money for you.

As tailor, do not go there if you're not atleast lv21 planter.
Do not chase rabbits for rabbit hair, use jute you plant instead.

If you're tailor, with planting, you could also have fishing.

Chapter 7 and 8
Help!Planting is too boring for me and lvling planting

Yes, it is, untill you get to lv61 it's boring as hell, but planting to lv100 isn't that bad compared to planting to lv61
Ofcourse, you can always use auto-XP scrolls.

To shorten time you spend on planting, I suggest using DXP or Blessed Pellet while you plant.
Also, watch video „Planting in VCO“ on YouTube, it will help you.

And, yes planting is one of the most boring things to do in VCO, but eventually, it will pay off, everyone needs crops and textiles
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Full Planting Guide
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