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 QueensTiara Headlines

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PostSubject: QueensTiara Headlines   Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:16 pm


Over the next few weeks there will be more work removing inactive members, we also now would like alt characters to be removed from the guild.

If your alt is online majority of the time, then it can stay.

Also members that using alt characters in QT that actually belong to another guild, its time to make your mind up where you want to be.

The aim is to make our guild active, having members that are loyal and continue making QueensTiara successful.

We can now have 130 members and once we hit 130, 5 inactive members will be removed.

The end of May, we would like to see alts that aren't used often taken from the guild.

This will free space for new active members.

We now have completed 3 guild events and another 2 events are active right now.
Help us make these events fun and successful, without members joining the events may stop. So try to participate as much as you can!

QueensTiara City

We are currently preparring for the City-Building Mod and Don_Loki has been desinated as our man in charge.
If you wish to help gather materials for our city, please contact Don_Loki.
There is a guild event to help this cause!

New Recruits

QueensTiara will continue to introduce new players to our guild.
Our recruiting has been fantastic but we must not stop, its beeter having a new player joining us than the enemy Smile

PURE_TALENT our Vice Leader

PURE_TALENT has been promoted to Vice Leader for his continous hard work and loyalty to our guild. On behalf of QueensTiara I like to congratulate him and sure our guild is looking great with his leadership skills.

Current Leadership

Leader - Warlock70
Vice Leader - PURE_TALENT

Director - Money_Penny
Director - Fedda
Director - Don_Roki

Executive - Stylowboy
Executive - ramdat
Executive - Nox
Executive - Eluo
Executive - YoungMerchant
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QueensTiara Headlines
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