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 Beware of thieves and scammers

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PostSubject: Beware of thieves and scammers   Sun May 18, 2008 3:54 pm


Just recently a new player joined our guild and started requesting help from us.
Apparently he was threatened to hand over a Item Mall uniform and 10 million coins.

I immediately knew something was odd as threatening a player in such manner was a bannable offence. When I found that the player he mentioned didnt exist and started questioning further about this, he left our guild.

I then PM him suggesting I let IGG know about his little scam.

He then begged me to not do it and promised not to pull this stunt ever again.

This player's name is Captain_Shark and I suggest to all players not to give anyone anything unless you know 100% you can trust them.

Players also must beware of other players saying they are GM and want your password details.

So don't give anything to these people and take a screenshot immediately and forward it to IGG ASAP
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Beware of thieves and scammers
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