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 Guide to Tortue Island

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PostSubject: Guide to Tortue Island   Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:07 pm

OK for those who acctuly don't know where Tortue Island is i made a pic:

Now you know where to find Tortue Island, but when you get there you'll see that NPCs aren't named as they are named in other citys. So i'll help with that as well.

This is the full map of Island:

1. Docker -> Normal Docker, he has 2 quests for pirats

2. Pirate Teddy Boy/Girl -> They attack you if you are a Visitor or if you are a Pirat it doesn't matthers. Sometimes they attack and ask you for some money and sometimes they don't.

3. Shipyard Boss -> You can buy High lvl stuff for ships here. He sells lvl 7-10 rams, Hooks and cannons. You can rebuild lvl 7,8,10 Tortue Battle ship, lvl 10 Tortue Merchant ship and lvl 7,8,9,10 Tortue Adventure ship.

4. Item seller -> Sells Dresses, Hats, Weapons, lvl 7 Equipment for crafting, dyes food for pets. You can find loads of things at this guy.

5. Loricae peddlery/ Tailor -> Sells lvl 7,8,9,10 Dresses and Hats. It has a quest for a pirats aswell.

6. Arm peddlery/ Blacksmith -> Sells lvl7,8,9,10 Weapons. It has a quest for a pirats aswell.

7. Blackmarket Merchant -> It has quests for pirat jewelery that only pirats can get.

8. Jeweler -> Carrys Quests for Pirats

9. Cashbox Conservator -> Works as Bank manager

10. Pirate Treasure Chest -> Works as a Warehouse (fancy box instead of Warehouse manager pritty cool isn't it pirat tongue )

11. Liquid Medicine Peddler -> Another name for Alchemist. It sells Potions, dyes and paint.

12. Wizard Hodor -> Another name for Priest. It heals HP and SP.

13. Pirate Leader Haman -> Known as Guild Manager carrys Quests for pirats as well.

14. Pirate Castellan Levassor -> Hes a Boss of Tortue Island. Gives you Noble Titles and lets you join Caribbean pirats.

TAVERN/Tortue pub

a) Pirate Barkeeper -> Another name for Tavern Boss but doesn't work like one. He only tells you some things about Tortue city.

b) Reward Hunter Mina -> She authenticates findings. She has a BIG bear beside her so dont annoy her.

There are some ports which don't do anyting so i think they don't work atm but will be added later i think.

Hope the guide was helpfull. For more about Tortue Island and Pirates check my other guides.

Made by Blondie pirat king
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Guide to Tortue Island
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